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Finding a Perfect Home Through a Top Buyer Agent, North CO Buyer Shares Experience

Investing in a new property is a huge financial step. Thus, finding the top and right real estate agent is vital. Yet, some people still rely on their family or friend’s recommendations or an ad they find online. Read on and find out how real estate experts helped a Northern Colorado-based consumer on achieving a flawless home buying process.

When to Get a Second Opinion?

Barry Miller, one of the top buyer agents in Denver, and Kathleen Chiras shared the importance of getting a second opinion. They talked about the fundamentals that will help consumers understand why a second opinion is essential in the journey of finding a perfect home.

When a consumer gets confused or concerned about the information provided by real estate agents, they should definitely get a second opinion. It is extremely important that consumers understand the process before making a decision. It is important to feel confident about the chosen agents. Host: “Consumers deserve top agents. They can terminate agents when they do not meet the ultra-high standards of fiduciary level of service.”

What is the fiduciary level of services?

“Fiduciary level of services are those services where the interests of the client come first before (the agent’s). It is very important in real estate because it’s a high-ticket item. It is usually the largest financial decision any of us makes. Having someone that is 100% on your side is vital.” Kathleen explained.

Therefore, Chiras and the hosts of the show encourage consumers to call and interview more than one agent.

Rules for Home Buyers Working With Real Estate Agents

Getting an Opinion from the Expert

Joy Russenberger, a home buyer from Superior, CO was using the service of a friend that unfortunately didn’t work out. So when she Kathleen Chiras in one of the radio show boot camps that Miller organized, she took the opportunity. They had a discussion about her preferences for the home that she is looking for in which she just wanted a ranch-style home and some acreage for under $600,000.

The buyer was extra cautious as she had strong preferences.  Her long list of preferences was difficult for her to find in the price range she desired for this final home purchase. Another issue that the buyer was facing is that she wasn’t sure which area would be best suited for her. She was considering West of Denver, the mountains of Evergreen, the Conifer area, Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, and even as far south as Prescott, AZ. The best thing is, she knew what she wanted.

Kathleen referred to several top agents to Joy. She recommended Jackie for Loveland and North Colorado area; and Vickie for Conifer and Evergreen.

Vickie was fabulous and showed me all kinds of properties. But I ended up finding something in Estes Park, and I was very happy with the outcome. Kathleen helped with that by giving two agents to chose from.” Joy commented.

Joy also added that Kathleen did a good job of informing the agents and making clear what was happening. Both are very friendly and cooperative. The least of the difficulty she encountered in my search was handling two good agents because Kathleen’s team had done great work with them prior to meeting them.

Ideas and statistics presented here are from the 8:00 and 11:00 am shows that aired on June 29, 2019, on KHOW630 based in Denver, Colorado.  Listen in to the conversation below with Joy sharing her experience on what it was like working with a top agent recommended by this network:

How did the relationship between the consumer and the agents go?

Kathleen explains, “Joy started the work a year ago with another agent. First, it’s a matter of knowing good, top agents for each area of interest. Preferably the areas get narrowed down to one or two. Then my job is to tell the agents right away that this buyer is looking in various areas. I helped make sure areas didn’t overlap so Joy could work simultaneously with several agents to find the perfect home.”

It is tough working with different agents sometimes. However, Joy handled it really well. Listen in further to the rest of the podcast to find out how Joy ended having a seamless home buying experience:

Find the Best and Right Agent

Colorado Buyers Agents Association service has been helping consumers for over 20 years throughout Colorado. They match consumers’ wants and needs with the best buyer agents. One of the best things about this service is that it is free. The service is available to consumers 24/7. Call, text, email, or just fill out the inquiry form for an immediate response. Consumers may visit this page on the Colorado Buyers Agents Association site.

Keep in mind that there is no harm in checking out another agent if the current one is not working out. The service will provide guidance on how to effectively terminate one agent and begin working with another in a way that is expedient and professional.

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