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Everyone Loves The Mile High City

Beautiful, sunny Denver.  I love going Down Town to Denver.  Yes, I’m easy to please, but I get a kick out of taking the light rail, hopping onto the clean Denver streets, and going for a stroll.  There’s great food, great shopping, fun bars, and breweries, and I’ve heard, an incredible nightlife.  (I have an 8-month-old, so my nightlife consists of teething and pacifiers.)

Denver also has charming neighborhoods and modern lofts that you would expect in a city.  Plus, we’ve got Tim Tebow.

What is it like to live in Denver?

To find out, I interviewed Andy and Courtney who purchased a home last year in Denver.   They have lived in several parts of the country, including the Midwest, the South, and finally moved to beautiful Denver, where they decided to plant their roots.

Their favorite thing about living in Denver is its location.  It’s only an hour and a half to the nearest ski resort, yet close to downtown. For them, it is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors and cultural life.

What is it like to be a first time home buyer in Denver?

Andy and Courtney spent about 4 months searching for their home in Denver.  The result?  Andy explains, “I don’t feel we found the “perfect” home, but we did find the “perfect” bargain for our financial situation. For the record, it was an excellent deal and will never happen again.”

This is par for the course during today’s real estate market. Homebuyers are getting incredible deals, and let’s face it, it feels great. Record low-interest rates and a saturated market create the best buyers market since the 90s.

“We were more excited to buy our first home than we were scared.”

What about all the intimidating news about foreclosures and changing markets?  Did this affect their home buying approach?“We were more excited to buy our first home than we were scared,” explains Andy.   They were careful about budgeting so that they knew what they could and couldn’t afford.  If you do have fears, careful budgeting is an important way to manage risk.

“It’s a great feeling to come home to “our” house and not an apartment.”

Andy and Courtney don’t have any regrets about their purchase.  If they would do anything differently, they would take out a bigger loan to complete more home improvement projects.  They love that they are building equity and finished with the days of renting, the equivalent of “throwing money into a hole.”  Plus, he says, “It’s a great feeling to come home to “our” house and not an apartment.”

Well said.  I couldn’t agree more.

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