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What does a Home Buyers Agent Do for You?

Buying a home is a lot of work.  Working with a home buyers agent allowed me to focus on the important decision at hand.

What does your agent do?

Calls all of the listing agents so you don’t have to.

Listing agents need to be called to schedule home viewings.  Each of these can be used as an opportunity to start a “sales pitch.”  It’s their job.   But, sales pitches make me uncomfortable.   Plus, it can be a surprising amount of work to get in touch with the agents, and coordinate the viewings.

When you work with a home buyer’s agent, all you have to do is show up at the houses you want to see.

Recommends lenders, home inspectors, etc. they have worked with and trust…if you want

I don’t have a bunch of lenders or home inspectors in my circle of friends.  True, my friend circle consists mainly of my family and baby toys right now, but still.   You are not obligated to use the people that they recommend, but they can point you in the right direction and give you a few recommendations.

When you work with a home buyer’s agent, you are given a useful list of recommendations backed by experience.

Guides the way, step by step.


This was a big benefit for me.  I’ve never bought a house before, and before I started I didn’t know the difference between being in closing and closing a door.  I didn’t know where to start, how it would end, or what would happen in the middle.

When you work with a home buyer’s agent, you know all the steps, and you stay on the right path.

Answers all of your questions.

What do you do when your title comes in the mail and your middle initial is wrong?  When you don’t understand the closing costs, what do you do?  If you don’t remember what a radon test is, what will you do?  Whenever I had a question, and believe me, they will come up, I asked my agent.  Probably 9 times out of 10 my agent answered my phone call and my question immediately.  There were a few times I waited under an hour.  My pediatrician doesn’t answer questions that fast, and I love my pediatrician.

When you work with a home buyer’s agent, you get answers right away.

Negotiates your purchase price and inspection resolution.

A lot of legal documents need to be prepared and negotiations need to be written that have a huge impact on your purchase.  For example, your offers and counter offers, and your requests for changes after the home inspection.  In each of these cases, I would describe our agents work as professional, experienced, on time and strategic.

When you work with a home buyer’s agent, you have a professional representing you.

These are some of the major tasks that were taken off our work load when we were buying a home.  Working with a home buyer’s agent didn’t just save us money, it saved us time and headache.