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Tips When Interviewing Buyer and Seller Agents

Interviewing real estate agents

The Barry and Larry Vestera Real Estate Program Radio show

8:00-9:00 AM | October 16, 2021

On the show:

Barry Miller (Host, and real estate agent with Remax Masters Millennium, Denver, CO)
Larry Stanley (Co-host, Barry and Larry Consumer’s Real Estate)

Matt Mansfield (Realtor  Buyer Specialist at Remax Masters Millennium)
Chris Coil (Data analyst with Remax Masters Millennium)

Real Estate Agents who Specialize for your Special Brokerage Needs

  • Real estate agents typically are not able to be everything to everybody
  • Only 2 to 3% or all real estate agents have specializations
  • A real estate agent has to have at least 3 to 5 years experience and current years experience preferred with at least 25 transactions on one side of the transaction or the other (in other words 25 buyer transactions)
  • Only after meeting this qualification, can an agent be labeled as a genuine specialist on the buyer and seller side
  • The skills and experience of a buyer agent require excellent listening
  • As well as work and counsel the buyers

Avoid hiring seller agents who don’t have the skills and experience needed

Important pointers to be extremely careful when interviewing a buyer and seller agents

If an agent says, “I can get a better price for your house”

  • Do not always believe it. That is a way to get you to sign a contract with them and they will simply extend the length of time that it takes to sell your house while they ratchet down the price to a reasonable price
  • Experience is easier to measure as it has to be 3 years or more 

Skills needed for a top buyer agent and seller agent

  • Skill needed for a seller agent has to be master marketer, they have to know marketing plans and preparations for the property
  • The skill needed for a buyer agent has to be a master negotiator
  • For buyers,  you want to talk to an agent who has a lot of experience, with negotiating skills which only comes with time when working through multiple closings and purchases with their buyers. 
  • A good buyer agent is going to listen to what your needs, find the house in the area they are looking for and then go after that home with the skills of developing rapport with the listing agent 
  • In 2021, the number 2 complaints that consumers have about real estate agents are 1. They don’t listen, 2. They talk too much.
  • Some real estate agents are too busy to tell how great they are that they couldn’t listen to what buyer’s wants and needs

How top agents work in the seller and buyer side

  • Good real estate agents have patience and understanding about the market
  • For sellers, seller agents will never do some things that are irresistible like cutting the house of the house
  • Top agents don’t fall asleep or look for an easy way out
  • Both buyers and sellers have to ask questions when interviewing buyer and seller agents

Connect with a top buyer and seller agent now

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