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Top 10 Places To Buy A Home in 2011, Plus One!

If you haven’t read the first half of this Top Ten list To Buy A Home, check it out here. So the second half of this list does not include any Colorado towns, but I added a #11! Just because I love Colorado and think it deserves TWO spots on the list!

6. Winner of Best View for the Money: Deerfield Beach, Florida

When you hear under $100k do you think $99,999? How about a whopping $89,400 for a beach town?!?!?! Yes please. This city is located between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, which is great for sports fans and cultural enthusiasts as well. If you chose Colorado as your home base, it looks like you could have an affordable second home in Florida!

7. Winner of Best City to Retire in: Durham, North Carolina

For the low, low price of $178,700 a retiree can have access to a world-renowned medical center at Duke, golf courses galore, and the greenest green of the Durham trees one can imagine. Duke not only provides excellent medical care, but they also offer over 100 senior learning classes. If that is not enough, there are also hit Broadway shows, hiking and biking to keep you busy.

8. Winner of Best City for Generation Y: Portland, Oregon

The average home price in this amazingly green city is $282,100. With the mountains a car ride away, the ocean a short drive, coffee shops to chill in, and green trees surrounding you this town is a sweet place to land. The community is generally a laid-back, environmentally conscious group of people. The large big name companies provide many great employment opportunities as well.

9. Winner of Best, Most Affordable Vacation Home: Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

With an average home price of around $110,000 (varies by region), you will not only enjoy an affordable home in a beautiful place, but everything the great outdoors has to offer you. Pocono lake offers you a peaceful place to sail, the ski slopes are always a blast on a powder day, ride a horse through the mountains, hike, fish, bike…your imagination is the limit here.

10. Winner of Best Military Town for the Money: Warner Robins, Georgia

Any family could be happy with an average home price of $110,400. In Warner Robins, the Robins Air Force base is the main employer. Because of this, the variety of people who call this place home is vast. Your new neighbor may be a rocket scientist, an architect, in the medical field, or be the wife of a serviceman. The recession didn’t affect this city as badly as most. There are plenty of things to do as well: aviation museums, parks, motor speedways….With the home prices being so low there will be cash leftover to enjoy the amenities.

So there is the list…OH WAIT! What’s that? One more????

Here is my top pick

11. Winner of Best Colorado Town: Ft. Collins, Colorado BABY!

Ft. Collins boasts the mountains on one side with awesome hiking, biking, and fishing. The town itself is alive with activity. Amazing microbreweries everywhere, ahem…Fat Tire. If you are a dog lover, they have plenty of fun dog parks. You can walk along the river and just meander your day away. There is always something artsy going on somewhere in town to feed your creative side. Colorado State University calls this city home and has several trial gardens and horse shows to check out, not to mention the football team. The list goes on and on for Ft. Collins. In fact, the next time I am up there I plan on taking the famous Foam on the Range tour of the breweries with my sister. Cheers Ft. Collins!

Wherever you are make sure you check out the local Colorado buyer’s agents who can give you 100% buyer representation when you are buying a home.

I am sure you each have your own favorite part of Colorado. What city would you pick for your number 11?