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Types of Denver Buyers Agents: Dual Agency, Single Agency & buyer’s agents

Before you can decide what type of Denver real estate agent you are going to use to buy a home, it is important you understand what the role of each type of agent is. There are basically three types of real estate agent roles: single agent, dual agent, and buyers agent.

A single agent is a real estate agent who represents one side of the purchasing process. This may sound exactly like what you are looking for. However, there is something you should know about a single agency. A single agent may still work in a Denver area office with the representative of the other side of the transaction. This means, intentional or not, your information may be passed to the seller’s representative to use during negotiations and counteroffers. It is easy in an office to overhear phone calls or see faxes or documents meant for someone else.

What else is there?

Dual agents. Let’s see, how can I explain a dual agency in the easiest way? If you were going through a divorce, would you use the same attorney as the spouse you were divorcing? I am going to take a wild guess and say probably not. Dual agency is when the real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction.  A dual agent is in a way playing both sides of the field. There is no real way for the agent to represent both the buyer’s and the seller’s fiduciary interests at the same time.

The knight in shining armor…

This brings us to the topic of a Denver buyers agent, cue the angel choir. As a buyer, you want complete representation. This includes everything from keeping your information private from the seller’s agent. Providing 100% fiduciary responsibility to you, and only you. Not only can a Denver buyers agent provide this to you. But they also come with a slew of other talents and skills. They have great local resources, have access to all MLS, for-sale-by-owner, REO, and foreclosure properties. Denver buyers agents will also be able to provide you with real references.

There are so many people who have successfully used a Denver area buyers agent when buying a home, including one of our staff members. She is still very happy with the home she purchased with a Denver buyers agent, read more about her experience here.

So if you are looking for 100% buyers representation, connections to many local reputable insurance and finance companies, a skilled negotiator, and much more check out a list of local Colorado buyer’s agents who provide FREE initial consultations.