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Top Ten Places To Buy A Home in 2011

I came across an article recently on that gave “Top Tens.” Of course they had the top 10 locations to buy a home in 2011. These are not in any particular order,  and I believe them to be somewhat biased. I will let you decide for yourself whether these are in fact the winning cities of the following categories:

1. Winner of Best City All Around: Austin, Texas

The average home price in this college town is $119,788. This city is the capital of Texas and contains many quality colleges. The cultural aspect is hard to beat with a thriving music scene. Their unemployment rate is roughly 2% lower than the national average. It is a beautiful city (been there, done that) and the job growth over the last ten years has risen by just about 14%. The riverwalk is a beautiful place to take the family or significant other for a walk, and there are many great places to stop and get a bite along the way.

2. Winner of Best Jobs: Broomfield County, Colorado

Our pride and joy is…Broomfield? That’s right, with an average home price of around $239,000 you can be right smack in the middle of 2 great cities, Denver and Boulder. Though the job growth rate in Austin might seem appealing, Broomfield puts them to shame with a growth rate of nearly 50% over the last decade! Who wouldn’t want to live a stone’s throw away from great ski slopes, a great Denver nightlife, and amazing outdoor activities in the ever-eclectic Boulder?

3. Winner of Best Place to Raise a Family: Woodbury, Minnesota.

Most of us are no strangers to harsh winters, ours just happen to be riddled with warm, sunny days. In Woodbury, the average home runs $240,100. Close to St. Paul, Woodbury is known to locals as “the most livable city in the US.” The school systems are highly acclaimed. There are hiking and biking trails galore. Don’t forget about the 10,000+ lakes (they mean it!). Just make sure you save enough money for some cute sweaters.

4. Winner of Best City…Period: San Francisco, California

So what if the average home price is $628,000? With the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, local parks with regular Tai Chi classes, museums, coffee shops, cable and street cars it is worth the money. Not to mention the weather is actually pretty doable…

5. Winner of Best College Town: Madison, Wisconsin

$209,400 will buy an average home in the diverse college town. With lakes on either side, there are plenty of things to keep a person busy here. Intelligent conversations are a dime a dozen with the city boasting many schools as well as a Big 10 school. Farmers markets, Little Amerikka, Cave of the Mounds, fairs and breweries are just a few of the activities locals enjoy year round.

What is most important to you as a buyer? What kind of city holds the necessities in your life?

Stay tuned for the 2nd half of the Top 10 Places to Buy A Home in 2011 next week!

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