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Top Characteristics of Top Buyers Agent When Buying Investment Property

top buyers agent when buying investment property

The Barry and Larry Vestera Real Estate Program Radio show

8:00-9:00 AM | April 22, 2022


On the show:

Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)
Matt Mansfield (Realtor and Buyer Specialist at Remax Masters Millennium)
Eugene O’Brien (RE/MAX Master’s Property Management PAR/ Vestera Investments)
John Veenstra (Mortgage Loan Officer with Guaranteed Rate Mortgage)

Top characteristics of a top buyers agent when buying investment property

A heart for caring

  • A heart for caring is one of the most significant traits you need to look for with top buyers agent when buying investment property
  • An investment specialist needs to have that financial information, knowledge, and the ability for financial information and some statistical data
  • Find out how long they have been involved in the financial arena

The Mindset

  • You would want an investment specialist who is working for you on your side and that is always asking himself/herself “What can I/we do that is best for you the customer?”
  • The mindset of the company should be “What can we do that will be financially beneficial to any and all consumers?”

A skillset that knows hope to get the job done for you

  • As an agent, you really have to listen to your clients. 
  • You need to understand what they are trying to accomplish to really help them out
hiring buyers agent when buying investment property

Current real estate market in Denver Metro Area

  • The median home price is continuing to hold 
  • Experts still see days of inventory which is going down slightly
  • In the Denver Metro area, there are 2900 single family homes for sale currently
  • A statistic shows that half of the number of homes for sale will be sold in 2 weeks
  • Buyers need to be smart, have a good buyers agent, and have their loans lined up
  • In Colorado Springs, there are 1100 homes for sale, 950 of those will be gone in a month
  • Half of these homes for sale will be sold in 2 weeks
  • The market is strong, it’s a strong economic area in front-range Colorado

How much is the current interest rate?

  • Have a buyer agent who’s going to help you get a lower interest rate
  • VA/FHA is at 5.7% with no money upfront. A conventional loan is about 6.35%. Investors’ loan with a buy-down is at 6.5%
  • Home values are going up at this time of the year, 1.5 – 2% per month
  • Demand is still high despite the hesitation from sellers
  • It’s a competitive market and buyers are going to find themselves competing with many people trying to buy the same home
  • You need to have a rockstar buyers agent to negotiate
  • Buyers can have a closing in 14 days with expedited loan processes

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