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Where Do You Want To Live?

If you were given a choice of where you wanted to live, taking out relocation for job or family situations, where would it be?  In the State of Colorado, there are numerous areas, all different in some way or another.  You could live on the Eastern Plains, the Front Range, the Grand Mesa area, the Northern area and even Metropolitan Denver.  Just to name a few. Within all of these areas are even more choices.

To get started you’ll want to list out the things that are important to you in a neighborhood.  Do you have children?  You certainly don’t want a retirement community.  A good school district would be high on the list, as are families in the neighborhood, parks, recreational centers and pools.  Are you a runner?  If so, sidewalks and trails throughout the neighborhood, away from busy streets or main thoroughfares would be up there.  Do you like to shopping or nightlife? Rural or out of the way areas may not be for you.  You probably want a home that is within minutes of shops or entertainment districts.

Colorado has so many wonderful choices.  On a recent road trip, I saw a sign in Flagler that said “Free Land”.    Flagler is 120 miles east of Denver. Curious, I looked up the website for the town of Flager and found their link for “Free Land Incentive”.  Sure enough they are giving away land.  Flagler is giving land to companies that are willing to locate there and offer employment.  The size of the lot the Business or industry will be given will depend upon the number of jobs they create.

The list can quickly grow and be added to constantly.  Just be careful that you don’t box yourself in so much that you can never find something to suit your needs.  List out the top requirements first and then the “would be nice to have”s.  Then when you find “the one” you’ll know what you can’t live without and what you can.

Once you’ve determined where you want to live, contact an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.  These professionals can then assist you in your search.  They have the experience and knowledge that will guide you in making an informed choice.