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Where in Colorado Can You Find Great Investment Rental Property?

Have you decided after reading Ways To Invest In Property Around Colorado Part 1 and Part 2 that you are ready to invest in rental property in Colorado?

There are so many options for property investments. It is good to do your research ahead of time and also talk with a buyers agent about what is the best type for your vision.

Before jumping into buying a rental property, make sure to create a business plan for your investment. I covered that last week in Plan To Buy Investment Property In Colorado.

MSN Money published a list of the 10 best cities to buy a rental property in. Guess what Colorado city was on that list?

Colorado Springs, Colorado. That’s right. One of the best places to buy rental property is right down the road in Colorado Springs. The amount of rentals vs the demand for rentals is perfect to own a rental property here. The longevity of renters living in their rentals is well worth the investment. Not to mention it is home to the Air Force Academy and their families, which makes for a stable economy.

Go ahead, check it out.

Colorado Springs is only a 45-minute drive from Denver. A Colorado buyer’s agent would be surely happy to gather information about the different neighborhoods, local economy, and any homes for sale that match your specifications.

Buyers agents are well known for their excellent skills at closing negotiations. They also provide complete buyer representation…100% fiduciary responsibility included. Furthermore, don’t forget to choose the agent who is right for you, not just the first realtor who crosses your path. Ask for references, which any great buyers agent will be happy to provide. Good luck in your search for the perfect investment rental property in Colorado.

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