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Why Work with a Buyers Agent (Besides Saving Money)?

This morning I was going to write another blog about the ways our buyer’s agent saved us money- preventing us from making bad deals, helping us find good ones, pointing out significant structural damage or repairs before we got to the inspection phase (or worse, ownership phase), and using his experience to recommend special inspections that were unusual but helpful in our area (sewer line inspection- that alone saved us $2,000.)  You could say that saving money is on my mind alot lately (in fact, it’s becoming a bit of an obsession.  We just had our second baby, and we want to stretch our budget to make sure we can save for their college.)  But, I wonder, is saving money the reason most people work with a buyer’s agent?  Is it the best reason to work with a buyer’s agent? Is it even the main reason that I worked with a buyer’s agent?

Work with a Buyer’s Agent because you want The Best.

While it is very important to me, I don’t necessarily think that it was the main reason.  I think that the main reason I worked with a buyer’s agent is because I wanted to buy a home The Best Way Possible.  With the Best advice, the Best experience, the Best negotiations, ending up with the Best house at the Best deal and so on.  It’s the same reason that I took a lot of time choosing my doctor when we had a baby, and which hospital we went to for delivery.  It’s not because I thought the best care would prevent expensive mistakes down the road.  It’s because my kids are the most important thing to me in the world, and I’ll do anything in my power to give them The Best- from the day they were born.

When it comes to buying a house, it’s not just a financial investment.

It’s the place that we’re raising our family, the place of our own that we are building a life in- where I will teach my kids to ride their bikes and where they run with pitter patter feet down the hall.  Where I can create a little office space of my own to maintain a career and take care of my kids.  Where we choose to live affects what schools they will go to.  It’s where we will have birthday parties and barbeques and family dinners.  And…where my husband and I can relax together when the kids finally go to sleep (haha).  

We would not have found Our Home (that I love) without our agent.

Truly, I love our home. Our house is an investment, and we treat it that way.  Our buyer’s agent helped us make a good investment, and I am very confident in that fact.  But, more than that, our house is our home- the place where the most important people and events take place & find comfort.  And, our buyer’s agent helped us pick the very best one.

We had not even considered the neighborhood that we ended up purchasing in, in fact, with neither me or my husband being from Colorado, we didn’t even know about.  But, through the home buying process and getting to know us, our agent understood what we were looking for and took us to see this home.  He nailed it- it’s perfect.