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Winter Months Great For Real Estate Shopping

Winter can be a great time to shop real estate in Colorado.  Real estate purchase season typically drops off after the school season resumes. The real estate recovery is expected to continue in Denver Metro and the surrounding areas. But not at the same pace that sales occurred over the summer of 2013.

Purchasing a home during the winter months affords great opportunity to observe a homes’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of how it performs in cold temperature weather.  If a home has any weaknesses with regard to heating and plumbing, the winter months are sure to bring that out.

Checklist for Real Estate Shopping

One of the many things to check for or have your home inspector check for, is the distance below the surface that sprinkler lines are run. While it may seem logical that if one is to undergo the expense and investment of installing a sprinkler system. That it is installed correctly and for the recommended depth below the ground surface that would withstand freezing temperatures. However, this is certainly not always the case.  Getting this information is important as a buyer because it is likely that the lines have been drained for safety reasons. Unlike other areas of the house that are up and running during the winter, the sprinklers likely will not be.

Boy playing with the sprinkler

Another thing to look for is the type and effectiveness of the home heating system.  As you walk through the home, observe and ‘cool spots’ or areas that the heating does not effectively reach or is not easy to maintain.  This could be for a couple for many different reasons. First, check the heating system and delivery method rated correctly for the size home. Second, are the windows and doors a drain on the system? The area could be heated effectively if drafts did not carry the heat out of the area.  Third, if the area insulated as well as it could be.

Your qualified buyers agent knows what to look for.  Sometimes buying a home in the winter is ideal as it is out of season. And may afford some bargaining room on features and price, depending on the area.  This is certainly a consideration as the spring and summer of 2014 may be every bit as heated a pace as 2013 was.  It may be a great opportunity to get a jump on the market.  Get started in just a few easy steps here.