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The Real Estate Inspection Process – Let Your buyer’s agent Help

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There are some startling trends that have occurred this year in Denver Metro. As buyers rush to view properties in a severely depleted inventory. They are trying to beat out other potential buyers for the same properties.  One disturbing trend is the waiver of inspection.  Any real estate purchase is a substantial investment and there are many reasons to be thorough in the front end in order to protect yourself financially.

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Real Estate Inspections

There are many types of inspections that can be performed prior to purchase.  Many are standard and well known, for instance, electrical, plumbing, roof, structural.

There are interesting developments on the horizon for the testing of methamphetamine.  And they are pertinent to single-family residences but will become more complex when applied to multi-housing units of any type.  If you are purchasing the latter, it will be a critical test to perform. As the discovery of this substance can drastically affect the value of the property as well as the potential for resale.

There are many knowledgeable specialists in the industry now stating that this can certainly be one of the most expensive things to go wrong on a property. It is really best not to be in a hurry and make this determination.

Inspection Process

There are already cases where this test was not performed in the inspection process and the new homeowners moved in having no idea traces of meth would be found in their home, as they did not test in the front end.  Essentially, the property can be severely devalued if not completely devalued where complete demolition of the inside is required as part of the mitigation.  This is financially disastrous for those who are in this situation and it could have been avoided.

This test is part of an asset protection measure for all types of property to purchase. This is the most pronounced example of, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Rental properties are much more susceptible to this type of contamination than other types. It does not pay to be in a hurry and skip this test.  Your exclusive buyers agent has the most current information on all tests. They can help you set up all of them during your inspection process.