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Summit County, Colorado Real Estate Update

The weather outside is frightful…

This is only due to the fact that Colorado has not received its typical share of snow this year. Only recently have we gotten some substantial snow, which is beginning to improve the ski conditions.

The Summit County real estate market is still improving.

According to the local Summit County associate broker, Susie, “prices in our real estate market are trending upward.” That is almost unheard of. But between 2000 and now, it definitely shows the real estate market is recovering in Colorado.

Investors, listen up!

If you have been waiting for that perfect time to buy, it may not be too late to find a property in Summit County. An online resource states that despite COVID-19, prices in the real estate market are trending upward. Barry from the B&L Consumer Real Estate Radio Show,  if you’re looking to invest, “You don’t wait to buy real estate, you buy real estate and then wait.”  Check with a local buyers agent to get an update on the properties on sale. Get an expert’s guidance and discuss your options.

Limited choices. 

It seems that the inventory is a little more limited these days. Investors are hanging on to their properties while the market begins its rapid recovery. Of course, you can still usually find a great deal on a home. However, the effort and time it takes to find what you are looking for have extended over the past year.

Use a professional!

If you are searching for a single-family home, vacant land, vacation property, or investment property make sure you obtain the services of a professional. The real estate market and the process of buying and selling can be a confusing mess. A Colorado buyer’s agent knows how to navigate the murky waters of finding the perfect home, negotiating a great price, and connecting you with trustworthy local businesses to help with financing, insurance, and inspections. Don’t find a home without them!


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